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DEPOSIT via Bitcoin
Users are able to bid in any auction if they have the neccessary credits (GG). After each bid of a user the timer of the auction will be reset and there will be a new "highest bidder" also the price for the item in the auction will raise by 0,01$ with each bid. After placing a bid you will be the "highest bidder" until someone else bids.If the auction timer runs out of time the last "highest bidder" will win the item of the auction and buy it for the "current price". The current price starts at 0,00$ at the start of the auction and will increase by 0,01$ with every bid of a user. If you win an auction you will have to buy the item you auctioned for the "current price", the item will be in your inventory where you have to buy it manually.
By using beginner coins, you will only be able to bid in the "Beginners Only" auction section. You get beginner coins by redeeming a referral code. If you make a deposit onto your beginner coins, your deposited amount will be added to your balance and your whole balance will be converted to "real" balance. After depositing your can't bid in beginner auctions.
You can redeem all your winnings from the "Inventory" page, you either resell your item for credits or you can request to have the item delivered.
Users can buy credits by using any of our payment methods. Currently we accept VGO Skins and G2APay.
Sadly, at the current point it is not possible to withdraw site credits. Credits can only be used to bid in auctions.
To get help with technical issues, please contact us via e-mail at
Any business request coming to the support email will be ignored.
For any kind of business offers please contact us via e-mail at